Flower Mandala - Digital Collage Workshop

Blooming Into Authenticity: A Live Creation Space of a Floral Mandala-Style Digital Collage

Enjoy a REPLAY of our 90mins ZOOM for our May 1st 2024 Beltane Webinar Tutorial on masking a flower and showing the creation of the flower collage.

I discuss the beauty of tuning into your own interests and skills and learning ways to apply them to your offerings that support a prosperous lifestyle. From a young age, I collected flowers and photographed flowers I also loved to modge podge furniture and create hand-cut collages from magazines These were things that just came naturally to me and most importantly, they brought me joy!

There are so many things ways to incorporate elements of nature into work, you can collect and scan leaves, and you can press flowers in books and scan them, utilizing them as design elements. I photograph flowers and find creative common photos of flowers and leaves and I mask them out for my digital collages.

What we go over in this Webinar:

❁ We will go over masking out some simple flowers to use in digital collages

❁ We will create a symmetrical Digital Floral Collage

❁ Upon Registering you will receive a digital collage kit of masked-out PNG flowers that you can play with in a digital space, be it Photoshop, Canva, or ProCreate (if you wish to further your career as a Graphic Designer, I recommend Photoshop.)

Basic File set up for an IG post and a print, quick review of resolution size and set up.

Color adjustment and enhancement

❁ Basic overview of measuring techniques for symmetrical Digital Collage and Mandala-Style Collage

❁Exploration of layers and layer management

❁ Where to source assets for your collages

Your place in the world as a graphic designer

The importance of keeping creativity in the hands of humans in an ever-changing industry with AI

Who is this offering for? Is this for you?

❁ For anyone who is dabbling in Graphic Design and Photoshop and desires to explore different ways to create digital collages.

❁ For anyone who wants to explore design techniques, and styles in the world of digital collage and Graphic Design.

❁ For humans who understand the importance of creativity and wish to preserve the human process of emotion and intuition within the world of Graphic Design and Digital Collage Creation.

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